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Katrina Sriranpong is a former Canadian immigration lawyer, Vancouver-based philanthropist, and mother of two.  


Her philanthropy is highlighted through her powerful and consistent efforts for charities and initiatives devoted to anti-human trafficking, particularly of children, assisting refugees, and advocating for animal rights and protection of their habitat. Her main focus is on aiding vulnerable populations, leading her to dedicate herself to multiple international humanitarian causes. 


Katrina Sriranpong began her career as the only Thai-speaking immigration lawyer in British Columbia.  She assisted refugees and immigrants as they navigated the complex web of immigration law and policy. She is also deeply passionate for the rights of children in war-torn countries, consistently working to raise awareness about their struggles.  She currently serves on the board of directors for a non-profit society for young children which aims to promote inclusivity, multiculturalism, and social responsibility.        


Katrina Sriranpong believes anyone can be a philanthropist, whether you choose to donate your time, valuable skills, or money. 


Outside of her philanthropic efforts, Katrina Sriranpong loves to travel with her family throughout her native Thailand, as well as hiking through the beautiful trails of Vancouver. She enjoys reading about health and nutrition, crafting healthy balanced meals for her children, and advocating for vulnerable groups.

Katrina Sriranpong Vancouver Lawyer Thai Immigration
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